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our team of artists and beauty professionals provide an extensive service menu including permanent makeup, hand poked tattoos, tooth gems, everything lashes, everything brows, facials, waxing, hair cuts & color, teeth whitening and other aesthetics. together we have created a space where everyone can be themselves while getting pampered, glammed, and tattooed.


tucson's edgiest full-service beauty house staffed with the baddest team who provide all the beauty, skin, & tattoo services, all in one place.

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A hand poked tattoo is a machine free method of tattooing, meaning no electronic machine is involved. The tattoo artist does each piece by hand using a professional tattoo needle, or grouping of needles, to put ink into the skin manually. This style of tattooing is great for sensitive skin types as it is less trauma to the skin and has a faster healing process. For inquires, please visit this link.

hand-poked tattoos

Permanent Makeup is a broad description of a family of services that cover various areas on the face and body where the result replaces traditional makeup or camoflauges stretch marks and scars. The services provided within this family are microblading, nanoblading, ombré brows, combo brows, lip blushing, freckles, and scar and stetchmark camoflauge. Book your consultation Nejla here. 

permanent makeup

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. The result creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help thicken and restore the look of fuller hair. It can be used to create your desired hairline, add density to thinning areas, and blend into your existing hair for a seamless look. Book your consultation with Valmore here

scalp micropigmentation

Tooth gems are  warovski crystal or 18-22k gold gems that are attached to the surface of the teeth with a powerful adhesive cured with LED light, which is designed to hold in place for 3+ months depending on aftercare. Designs range from a single crystal, to a butterfly, or a tooth fully covered in gems. Paired with our teeth whitening service, it's the perfect thing to give you a confident, unique smile. Book with Alison here.

tooth gems

Our machine is a professional, dental grade power whitening system with Ultrasonic Technology to power-whiten teeth 3-4 shades lighter, faster and safer than any other system. The high radiance LED’s produce a gentle body temperature warmth that adds to client comfort. Our dental grade machine is the only machine in the world with the ability to independently whiten TWO clients' teeth at the same time. Book with Alison here.

teeth whitening

All of our facials are custom to clients skincare needs. Facials include cleansing, exfoliation and treatment of common skin concerns. Rejuvenating and nourishing the face, making skin appear healthy, fresh and glowing. Each facial can be enhanced with a variety of treatments including dermaplaning, microneedling, eye treatments, high frequency, and much more. Book here.


Whether you're looking for a simple Cut Wash & Blow Dry or a Full Fashion Color, our artists do it all and everything in between.
As an exclusive partner and retailer of SEVEN haircare, all of our hair products are luxury, salon grade while cruelty free, suflate free, and paraben free. Stop in to pick up your new favorite haircare or book your new look here.

hair cuts, color, & extensions

A brow lamination is a painless perm for your brows, giving them a set shape and a fuller look for up to six weeks. The setting serum is brushed up through the brow hair to lift the hairs and fill in any gaps. A brow tint, uses semi-permanent dye to define your shape and darken the finer and lighter brow hairs that normally can't be seen. Although the best brows are achieved when putting these services together, they can be booked separately as well. Choose from our Bougie Brow, Baddie Brow, or the Bad & Bougie Brow. Book here.

brow lam & tint

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic lashes that are individually adhered to your natural lashes. Styles range from Classic, a whispy, more natural look, to Volume, a full, more dramatic look. Add a pop of any color to your lashes with a Custom Set. It is recommended to book your Fill every two weeks, but retention depends heavily on following the aftercare instructions provided by your artist. For sensitive eyes, try a lash lamination. Using a setting serum and silicone pads, your natural lashes are lifted, curled, and lengthened to create a brighter, wide eyed look. Lash lifts last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Book here.

lash extensions & laminations

Waxing is the process of hair removal from the root with the use of either soft or hard wax. Wax is applied to the desired hair removal area and hair is removed from the follicle. Waxing regularly causes the hair to grow back slower and softer, and without the irritation or razor bumps caused by shaving. Our waxing specialists offer face, body, & bikini waxing with fun add-ons like soothing hydrojelly masks, "vajacials"& "booty facials". Book here.


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